“May the Spirit of Satsang be the climate of Mooji Sangha Bhavan. May all Beings who come here be fully pulled into the Source of Being. Let It Be So. Om. Amen.”                                                                              Mooji Baba´s Blessing

Mooji Sangha Bhavan is the sister land of Monte Sahaja – located in a beautiful valley about 5km from Monte Sahaja, Mooji´s Center for Self Realization in Portugal.

A group of residential community members is living together in the Spirit and Energy Field of Guruji´s Pointings.

We are very happy to share our life with those who are interested in joining our Community to live with us. The residents are living here long term (longer than 6 months) and initially you would come for a trial stay of 6 weeks.

In addition, we may offer shorter stays like 3 months, if you have stayed in the area before. Occasionally we may offer guest periods for short term stays which will be published on our website and in our newsletter.