Silence and Joy

Our daily life includes times for contemplation or to watch Satsang together in our Mandir. There is also space for sharing from the heart and for discussing practical matters in our community meeting that usually takes place twice a week. Often we have lunch together and sometimes we meet for spontaneous activities like dancing, Bhajans or watching movies. Silence and activities are in a natural flow here at MSB.

Seva and Sharing Tasks

Everyone staying in Mooji Sangha Bhavan is involved in Seva (selfless service to others). As we have no team, we share all communal tasks like cooking, cleaning, gardening or maintenance. The place itself and its energy are beautified when we all offer our time and energy from the heart and stay present in the moment. As each one takes responsibility for the atmosphere and the flow of the place, sharing tasks is also a beautiful way to connect with each other and to feel as one.

MSB Communal Program

Lunch is mostly prepared communally. Other meals may be prepared individually. You will have access to a good range of vegetarian food including dairy and gluten free options.

Everyone here is invited to offer a MSB-Satsang-Program to the group. This includes Video Satsangs, Silent Sittings, Yoga or Bhajans and attendance is optional. Sometimes we gather for beach trips, group actions, movie nights, art projects etc. We also have a pool to enjoy the hot summer.

If the whole group has an invitation to visit Monte Sahaja we offer transportation for everyone together.