Similar to Monte Sahaja, Mooji Sangha Bhavan is a space for contemplation and being in silence with yourself. We ask you not to socialize and to try and keep conversations about practical matters brief and to the point. We offer a basic internet-connection and suggest that you limit your communication via the internet and phone to be fully present with yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to have an “unofficial” retreat.

Daily Seva

Similar to Monte Sahaja, everyone staying in Mooji Sangha Bhavan is involved in Seva or Karma Yoga, which is the natural yoga of life. During Seva we aim to give and live free from egoic identity and intention. Consider your Seva to be in direct service to your Satsang and the Sangha.

Please be open to giving your time and energy to assist in communal tasks such as cleaning, cooking or land care for up to 2 hours a day.

A typical Day in Mooji Sangha Bhavan

7.15-8.30h      Breakfast
9-10h               Silent Sitting and Om-Meeting
10-12h             Seva
12.45h             Communal Lunch
15h                   Visit Monte Sahaja   OR   Sahaja Express Video / Yoga in MSB
18.30h             Dinner
20-21h             Evening Program (Satsang Video, Bhajans, Guided Meditation)